Every Sunday of 2015 had been a super Sunday…but February 1st was a chance for NLCC to have some even more seasonal fun…

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In light of the Super Bowl (this Sunday, Feb 1), we’re inviting you to wear your favorite team’s jersey or favorite team’s colors to the corporate celebration service.  Team jerseys can represent any team you support – please don’t be limited to NFL football teams.  Have a school you attend/support? or non-profit team you’ve helped?  crazy about croquet?    Get creative with what you have!

PLEASE DO NOT go into debt buying something you don’t already have just for this Sunday.  If you don’t own a jersey and can’t borrow one, wear your favorite team’s colors.  If you don’t watch sports, come poised to celebrate the goodness of OUR GOD (#BestTeamEver).

PLEASE DO invite your family, friends, and neighbors to join you…with our without team garb.

Whatever you decide to put on, make sure you’re ready to take the field at 10 am for team worship!