Encounter weekends are an exciting part of our vision (traning and equipping) where we set time aside to meet with God in a special way, just as Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, and even Jesus did.  We learn from God’s Word that all these champions of the faith had life changing encounters with God. The disciples of Jesus and Paul all had encounters with Jesus after His resurrection.

Our goal is to facilitate an environment of teaching and ministry,  away from the daily distractions of life, where each believer can have a genuine personal meeting with God, transforming their lives forever.  Specific ministry areas include:

Your Opportunity Knocks

The Cross

Media’s Influence


Healing Broken Relationships

Family Hurts

Prodigal Son

Deliverance From The Curse

Seeing Yourself As God Sees You

Receiving The Holy Spirit



*What’s Next For Your Life?

Are Encounters only for new believers? No!  There are weekends planned for everyone: men, women, youth, and children alike. We find that old and new believers are often struggling in areas of their lives hindering them from doing what they know the Lord would have them do. Sadly, many times they carry unforgivingness resulting in sickness, disease, and pain often associated with bondage and demonic curses that still need to be broken.


The primary goal of the Encounter is for you to see the Lord face to face, and that you are released from everything that hinders you from fulfilling your destiny in Christ. The vision of New Life Christian Center regards everyone as a potential leader and the Encounter is the initial preparation for the training that takes place in the School of Leaders.

We pray the Lord will make a way for you at our next encounter.

Encounters For All!